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Saddam Was And Still Is A Threat

Thursday 10/09/2003

Welcome to my world, where the other morning, I read another front page editorial, in headline form, in El Rupublico, our far left leaning local libre, the liberal's dream rag. The bold letters read "Bush Insists Saddam Was Threat." As if it was only Bush insisting? The item, cloned from the Chicago Trib, quoted House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, a stranger from headlines lately, but a brutal Bush basher, as saying that the chief U.S. weapons hunter David Kay's report, that so far he has found only after-the-fact evidence, showed there was no imminent threat from iraqi weapons. This despite the fact that Kay feels the hunt has only begun, adding that they have found a lot of proof that the Iraqi Regime intended to continue to acquire weapons of mass destruction, locating a network of biological labs and advance design work on long range missiles capable of delivering nukes. All of this is just pre-election year, liberal tap dancing. Hussein used W.M.D.s on his own people. George H.W. Bush said it, the U.N. said it, Bill Clinton said it, and George W. Bush said it. Did they all lie? I doubt it. As far as the war on terror goes, the P.L.O., Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, and Hammas all had camps in Iraq, and actually you just aren't much of a terrorist if you didn't have camps in Iraq, and/or money from Saddam Hussein. He was and still is a threat, no matter what the vote crazed Liberals say. Have they missed the fact that American fighting men and women are still in battle in Iraq? I wonder how they feel when they hear that they are fighting and falling for nothing? I've been there, and it doesn't feel good, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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