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LA Times Sling Mud at Arnold

Monday 10/06/2003

Welcome to my world, where here we go on the eve of the California Gubernatorial recall election. The latest polls show the majority wants current Governor Gray Davis gone, with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger leading Democrat Cruz Bustamante by a decent margin. This apparently gored the ox of the Los Angeles Times, another super left, liberal rag, a behind the granola curtain clone of the New York Times. They held a Dirty Tricks Thursday, digging up women who claim to have been fondled by Arnold on movie sets over a 25 year span. None of the women came forward at the time, and had to be uncloaked by the L.A. Times, whose reporters went on a wild witch hunt to try to find even more mud to sling at Schwarzenegger. So what does Arnold do? He refuses to be caught in a Clinton-like lie, admitting that he behaved badly toward the ladies on rowdy movie sets in the past. He said he was deeply sorry for actions that he once considered playful. He apologized. The allegations are just a few more coming out of the liberal press and desperate Democrats, who even say he admired Adolph Hitler. Good God, have they no shame? The timing of the latest smears are, of course, very suspect to some, but not to me. They should go from print to TV with a new show called Smear Eye for the Straight Guy. But wait! Wait! It could be a plan. It's becoming clear. If they can get Arnold to lose, then use their normal slime and slander blackmail, he may be able to go higher, given the success of flesh fondler Bill clinton, who did much worse with women. Arnold might make a good Democratic Presidential candidate. It doesn't have to be true, as long as the liberal muck rakers say it is, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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