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Good Job Governor Jan

Monday 09/29/2003

Welcome to my world, where as you probably know, I'm not a big fan of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, as she works her way toward Washington feeding her ambitions with large doses of P.C. Liberalism. Hell, she could turn Arizona into Northern Sonora and blow out the burgeoning bloated budget that she promised to fix. I have to be fair though, when she does the right thing, even if it is a small thing, like all of the rest of us, she deserves the credit. As you know, the Democrat's mama hen, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, the Junior Senator from New York, in the wake of abusing Federal Court nominee Estrada into submission, is now planning to do the same with the Bush nominee to head up the Environmental Protection Agency, Mike Leavitt, the Governor of Utah. Clinton vows ... I hate it when she vows ... Clinton vows to block the nomination from going to the full senate, another example of anything Bush wants, the vote hungry Democrats don't, no matter how good it would be for the country. Ah, but here comes Governor Janet, actually surprising me, going against the Clinton grain. According to the Tucson paper, The Arizona Daily Star, she's backing Leavitt as the new E.P.A. chief. She's quoted as saying, "In terms of looking at the universe of people that would be eligible or considered by the Bush administration for appointment, knowing Governor Leavitt as I do, I think it would be a good appointment". End of quote. So although I don't want to make it a habit that surely I would have to break, at least in this one instance, I must say good job Governor Jan, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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