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Bush Asks For Help From the UN

Thursday 09/25/2003

Welcome to my world, where time only prevents me from writing a book on this one, so I'll get right down to the simplicities of the matter. What the hell was President Bush thinking when he went to the U.N. for help in stabilizing post war Iraq? Oh they'll help all right, as long as we pave the way with American dollars and American blood. It's their normal pattern of gutless talk, that disappears in the ensuing foot dragging. But more than that, Bush, although brilliant from the podium, simply made himself a personal target for even the wimpish Kofi Anonymous and the French Rejection Chirac. Haven't you figured it out by now? These people are intimidated by Americans and these people don't like us, even after we save their butts and pay their bills. They only make it look personal, hammering Bush, but it's all of us. Pretty normal, when you're the most powerful nation in the world. The timing was bad, giving the Democrats even more blank ammo to fire at Bush over the cost, as if you can put a price tag on American lives lost to terrorism. But for Bush to go to the U.N. for anything or with anything, is kind of like writing a symphony for a deaf orchestra. They simply can't listen, nor can they see past their own self-serving, short-term ambitions. The United Nations has actually become it's own country, hiding in New York at the expense of Americans, and in every case using Americans to enforce their resolutions that they seem to forget as soon as they are passed. I hate the redundancy and I guess I'm only going on my own record here, and I know it sounds like a stuck record, but it must be repeated. "Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.", as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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