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Military Jets At Scottsdale Airport

Wednesday 09/24/2003

Welcome to my world, where the sound of freedom, military jets, has the residents around Scottsdale Airport and the city leaders spooked and raising hell, just jumping out of their Gucci loafers. You see, every once in a while, military fighter jets land, refuel, and take off from the jet-friendly, over 8,000 foot runway. This makes noise. It's the sound of freedom. The latest incidents involve Marine Corps F-18A Hornets, who light off the after burner on take off. John Little, Scottsdale's Director of Transportation, said the jets were infrequent visitors, causing Wayne Ecton, a city councilman, to say they are not infrequent enough, suggesting the city let military flyers know they aren't welcome. Air traffic controller Mary Anne Addis said the military jets have the right to land there, and wondered why Ecton was bothered by seeing U.S. jets in the sky after 9-11. He waited a while, but Ecton has publicly apologized, as the council works to try to work out a solution. As far as the residents, who say they are frightened by the noise go, these aviators are defending America. Would you rather have them run out of fuel and end up in your desert landscaping or try to take off without burners, ending up in your pool? The answer, the bottom line, is simple, especially here in the Southwest. Our airports, for the most part, were here first. Then came the developers and the residents who keep crowding in closer and closer. Look at Luke Air Force Base. So, if you can't handle the noises aircraft make, then don't live where you can hear the sound of freedom, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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