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Yasser Arafat Has To Go

Tuesday 09/16/2003

Welcome to my world, where I feel like I'm in a cave with an Echo, "Yasser Arafat the grand-daddy of all the terrorists has got to go." I said this in the Carter, Reagan, Bush one, Clinton, and Bush two, administrations. The Israelis are getting heat from other countries, including the U.S., because they announced they want Arafat exiled or dead, which would of course remove him from the Israeli-Palestinian talks that never produce anything anyway. The Israelis, who have lost 800 citizens to Hamas suicide bombers the last couple of years, say they will remove Arafat in a manner and time of their choosing, while Arafat says "no one can kick me out" calling the Israeli declaration an act of war, a rallying cry to his allies Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic Jihad, and now maybe even Al Qaeda, as you know, terrorist groups with a blood lust for Israelis and in case you have forgotten… Americans. The bottom line is this; the so-called road map to peace is not working. This talking business is going nowhere. It would be like the United States trying to talk Al Qaeda out of its hatred of Jews and Americans. Hamas is a terrorist group and Arafat only gives lip service to the world when he says he'll control them. Once again, he has to go, with his feet up or down. The Bush doctrine mandates that we fight all terrorists and those who harbor them. Americans are being murdered along with the Israelis. This could be done without even any kind of boots down operation. All we need to do is quit criticizing the Israelis and let them end this thing once and for all. Putting down, yes, I said, putting down not putting out, Yasser Arafat would go a long ways toward achieving this goal. We must end this double standard. The road map to peace is a lofty idea, more politics than anything else, but I'm afraid the highways will have to draw blood… as I see It, I'm H.G. Listiak.

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