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Democratic Presidential Debates

Friday 09/12/2003

Welcome to my world, where I've suffered through a couple of democratic presidential debates. The last one made me wonder, what the hell are these candidates so angry about? If I was a democrat, and I'm not, I would find little presidential fiber in any of these railing, ranting, and raving politicians, sinking lower and lower with their rhetoric. Even the liberal newspapers and moderate democrats admit that this latest debate was nothing more than a Bush bash. All they did was question the president, presenting problems, real or imagined, with no solutions. I actually felt sorry for poor Al Sharpton, who was trying to introduce some semblance of decorum in the donnybrook that spewed off the political podiums. It was a Bush whacking battle to see who could insult the sitting president the most. It was history in the making, in as much as I don't think we have ever heard a commander in chief trashed to the extent Bush was. Not even Clinton, L.B.J., Al Gore, Reagan, or McGovern, sunk that low. Even in the heat of the Vietnam Era political debates did it get that bad. I was embarrassed for all of them, Lieberman, Gephardt, Dean, Kerry, Edwards, Moseley-Braun, Graham, Sharpton, and that other guy. I was embarrassed for them mainly because I believe in a two party system. This party, however, was a necktie party, a lynch mob, far below the dignity of anyone trying to become the leader of the United States. I felt especially bad for our fighting men and women battling terrorism. This display only shows division and weakness in our resolve, and will only encourage the enemy. I agree with Ed Gillespie when he said they took political discourse to a new low. An historic new low, as I see it. I'm H.G. Listiak.

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