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Two Year Anniversary of 9-11

Thursday 09/11/2003

Welcome to my world, where two years ago, I woke up early…it was going to be a busy day, Diane's birthday and a sick friend in the hospital that needed some cheer. I was thinking about H.G.'s world, Tom Daschle and the rest of the Bush whackers still counting Florida hanging Chads, and I wondered if Major League Baseballs were juiced, accounting for the unusual rash of home runs. Suddenly my phone erupted, " H.G. turn on your TV and get ready to come into work." America had been attacked. My first thought that unfortunately I shared on the air was "Those Bastards, those cowardly bastards!" I was very angry. After the African Embassies and the U.S.S. Cole, I knew these people hated our very existence, but it never dawned on me they would violate American soil, and take their hatred out on innocent civilians. A lot of people needed sympathy. I needed revenge, retaliation and American resolve to not let this one just kind of slip away. I shed no tears, but realizing how little I could do, I was frustrated and depressed. I felt better when the red blood of the victims turned red, white, and blue. Flags were unfurled from coast to coast, with Patriotism everywhere. That patriotism has now been tempered by race, politics, greed, and blind ambitions, despite the administration's diligent efforts to make our homeland more secure. When President Bush announced war on all terrorists and those nations that harbor them, I looked ahead. I saw several small skirmishes and 3 maybe 4 major offensives, each one taking longer than the previous one, and I saw a lot of political backsliding and opposition, as votes would become more important than the task at hand. After only two years we are ending phase two, actually according to my clock, ahead of schedule. We will see many more 9-11 anniversaries before we are totally out of harms way, but we must hold firmly onto the emotions and resolve we shared two years ago. Some will say it's wrong and we have a choice, but realistically we don't. No matter how much rhetoric is spewed off the political campaign stumps, even if it hurts, we must remember the day of infamy, that horrible day, and continue to roll with American resolve. My fellow Americans, no matter what your race, religion, or political persuasion we have no other option but to remember 9/11…as I see it, I'm H.G. Listiak.

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