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Countries Providing Terrorists

Thursday 08/28/2003

Welcome to my world, where I've noticed that when terrorists strike they just don't come out of thin air, they have to come from somewhere. To train and plan, they have to have a safe haven. That's why President Bush, in declaring the war on terrorism, said, "All terrorists and those countries who harbor them". We've torn the heads off the terror snakes in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the tails still wag, but not without the help of terrorists home based in other countries. Nations must be dealt with if we are to actually eliminate the terrorist vermin in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Israel, that continue to strike. It's known that Syria and Iran are leaking them over their borders to do their cowardly dirty work. In Israel they come from maybe the next town. I am aware of the fact that we have an election coming up, and many liberals don't have the stomach to do what must be done, but my question is are we at war against terrorism or not?? If we are, then to hell with the politicians and paper work, and let's get it done. The longer we wait, the worse it'll get, and recent events have proven that. We cannot do this thing half way unless we are ready to live in fear under the threat of terrorists like the Israelis have been forced to do. We are going to have to deal with Syria, Iran, and the Palestinians, with extreme prejudice, or back off and watch them deal with us in that manner. I know this seems harsh to some of you but realistically we have no other options, as I see itů. I'm H.G. Listiak.

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