HGs World Commentary
Commentary by H.G. Listiak
Second Anniversary of HGs World

Wednesday 08/27/2003

Welcome to my world, where today is one of those hidden non-descript anniversaries that only a few people will notice. This, my friends, is the 2nd anniversary of this feature, The World According to Me, H.G. In the past 24 months there have been right around 500 parcels of purnarious prose covering every avenue of Americana. It started out as my world but quickly became our world. We've been through a lot together in the past two years, haven't we?? We've watched our city, our state, and our world, as it spun like a drunks bedroom. We watched as the reality of a paper economy arrived and we were shocked when the scandal-laced corporate truth finally came out. Some jeered, others cheered when the nation's political power shifted during the mid term elections. We laughed and lauded e-mail humor shared by listeners and we winced as the race card was played over and over again like a cheap violin. The most significant event, of course, was 9-11 the day the sleeping giant was re-awakened in America. It struggles to stay awake despite those self serving ego-driven politicians who would put it back to sleep, and we learned that the U.N. is about as useful as breasts on a bull, and yes, we worried as our fighting men and women, some of them very close to us, went to war against terrorism, many of them never to return with many more ready to go in harms way, as the battles rage on. In the past two years, I have strived not to shock you but to give you another look at things, one you night not get from other media sources. Sometimes I got it done, sometimes I didn't, but I have always been straight with you, to the very best of my ability, even if it does make bosses and colleagues cringe a little. Sometimes as Americans we agree, other times we may not, but through it all we stay friends. I'm working very hard to ferret out the fact from fiction, to root out reality from rhetoric, and here's hoping we can keep doing just that, for at least another two years, as I see itů. I'm H.G. Listiak.

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