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Arizona Needs Refineries

Tuesday 08/26/2003

Welcome to my world, where I'm finally starting to take my eyes off the fuel gauge long enough to see where I'm driving, as the gas crunch seems to have eased off and the finger pointing starts. Everybody blames everybody for the lines and prices. It's the gas stations, the Legislature, the truckers, the Governor, the pipeline people, the S.U.V'S, the tank toppers, the Liberals, and Conservatives. We've got more fingers flying around than five o'clock on the freeways or a deaf debating team. Oh I'd like to hammer the hoarders, politicians, oil companies and price gougers because they deserve some of the heat, but they are only re-acting badly to a much deeper much older problem. Apparently no one even thought about preparing for the glut of growth in our state, Valley and City. What the hell did they think? Were these people going to come here and ride bikes or walk, as was suggested by Governor Jan at the height of the jam? As far as fuel is concerned Arizona is so far behind the times that it's a wonder we even use the wheel, let alone the internal combustion engine. We must import our gas. Not even New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, or Colorado has to do this. Nevada has a refinery, Colorado has two, New Mexico three, and Utah, using less than half the gas we use every day, has five count- em five refineries! Even Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho can refine gas. Arizona on a daily basis consumes more fuel than any other western State with the exception of California where they have 22 refineries. So here's the bottom line: We need to build at least two, maybe three refineries and we need to do it quick. The usage is only going to get worse and the shortages will happen again. And one more thing I hope you all remember the gas station thieves who were charging 4 and 5 dollars a gallon during the squeeze. They should be out of business and it's up to you to put 'em there…. as I see it, I'm H.G. Listiak.

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