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Phoenix Childrens Hospital Fund Drive

Tuesday 08/25/2003

Welcome to my world, where as you know our entire staff, and a few borrowed folks from our sister station are just a little groggy today. We have spent the last four days raising money for the most worth of causes the Phoenix Children's Hospital. But as we tallied up the totals, counting up the Change Bandits bags, cheering your pledges and generosity, it dawned on me that this is only four days of the year, and that the needs of this incredible hospital go far beyond four days. It's a 24/7 never slow down operation for our future, our children. Miracles are performed there and in a way it's a miracle that we even have such a facility. Yes we raised a lot of money and yes, I'm proud of the radio-a-thon effort, but it goes beyond money. If you want to really feel good, past your pocketbook, fill another need, a need for your time. It would be a quality experience. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call the hospital…become a volunteer. They'll find a way that you can help in the short or long term. Yes your dollars are appreciated, much more that you'll ever imagine and thank you so much for responding the way Camel Country listeners always respond. And we are not taking you for granted. I'm just pointing out a further need, a way to keep the spirit of the radiothon gang, Stu, Doc, Jeff, Cactus, Tim, John, Humpman, Dave, Stacey, and Lisa alive, all year long. They will find something for you to do. Can you read? Can you hug? Can you play? Can you greet? Or answer the phone? It's not hard or high tech. It's simply helping out. To become a P.C.H. volunteer, it's not a matter of skill it's a matter of will, as I see it… I'm H.G. Listiak.

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