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Commentary by H.G. Listiak
Phoenix Childrens Hospital Fund Drive

Wednesday 08/20/2003

Welcome to my world, where today marks the 14th year that I have been subjugated to the slings and arrows of the outrageous fortunes of Evansmas. Oh on the outside I'm in my usual less than fashion forward Wrangler wear but on the inside I'm finely festooned and in a celebratory mood. What is Evansmas? We won't give you the number, and the fire marshals and forest service have requested that I don't light up candles on a cake, but it is a celebration of life. That's why we want the gifts normally showered on Stu to be given to another celebration of life, The Phoenix Children's Hospital. Starting tomorrow at Arizona Mills and the Hospital, the KMLE Country nearly famous luminaries will be cashing Change Bandit bags, taking donations and pledges to help the hospital help the kids, many of whom will be able to celebrate life because you gave what you could. Dimes or dollars, it's all welcome because we know it comes from the heart. It's called a radiothon but it's much more that that, it's a statement that you want to be part of the success stories that come out of the hospital. It's your chance to make sure some great but unlucky kids suddenly get some luck in their lives. Oh sure you are badgered by begathons. We all are these days…. but this is not like the others. It's an all out effort by all of us, to make a difference and have it appreciated, to be able to see the results as well as feel them in your heart. It's your chance to enjoy the celebration of life even if it does follow in the very large footsteps of Stu's birthday…. as I see it, I'm H.G. Listiak.

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