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Random Thoughts - Politics and Pimps

Friday 08/08/2003

Welcome to my world, where it's time for a few random thoughts that would be on my mind, if I had one. First of all, now that he's tossed his helmet into the ring, I think Arnold Swartzenegger will win the California recall election and end up in the Governor's digs in Sacramento. He's a better businessman than Governor Gray out Davis. He's got a lot more personality and actually shows a few leadership qualities, none of which Davis possesses. That's enough in California, but the nail in good time Gray's coffin will come because Bill and Hillary Clinton are trying to help him. Another thought concerning Bill; after bombing on 60 minutes, the network may subjugate us to even more Clinton and Bob Dole, this time as analysts during the coverage of the 2004 Presidential election. No one paid much attention to them when they ran against each other, or on 60 minutes. They would be better off doing cigar and Viagra commercials. But if the election ends up as boring as many predict, they'll fit right in. And finally, there is a movie coming out in the fall slated for theaters across the country. It's an animated film for kids. Well known rappers and actors provide the voices of the drawn characters. It's being advertised as a comedy, but I don't think a lot of folks will be laughing. You see it's the story of a little boy, a 9-year-old pimp, who quote "Hustles his hos around the neighborhood." The title is "lil pimp" and is an attempt to glamorize a sick lifestyle as part of the rap culture, which is more and more, in voice and in video, promoting pimps and their repugnant life style even though it is illegal, not to mention immoral. But good god snoop dog, a 9-year-old boy??? That's sick! This one is not for mainstream America to complain about. It would only draw the race card. This one is up to responsible black groups like the N.doubleA.C.P. to clean up…as I see it, I'm H.G. Listiak.

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