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Colin Powell to Quit in 05 Rumor

Wednesday 08/06/2003

Welcome to my world, where the headline in Monday's El Republico states: "Powell to quit in 05 would leave even if Bush Re-elected". The article was a reprint from another Lib Libre, the Washington Post. They claimed somehow through unsubstantiated sources, that Colin Powell would not be Secretary of State past 05, which with about 18 months to go, could render him basically a lame duck diplomat, at a time when he needs the clout more than ever. It would also be a chink in the Bush re-election armor. Are you starting to catch on? The item said that Powell declined comment about his plans. Now Powell is a very mellow, level headed diplomat and former General, but he was visibly upset, calling it nonsense, wondering where it came from. The paper's sources were all un-named. He said, "It's not true," saying, "It's only gossip," adding that he serves at the pleasure of the President. He said continuing to do his job is all that has been discussed, adding that the report led to a rash of speculation about who might fill a vacancy that doesn't exist. I believe him, especially over some phantom sources. Now despite their seemingly insatiable lust for left wing liberals, The New York Times and Washington Post have been among the oldest and most respected papers in the country. I'm not sure this is the case anymore. The New York Times, after the Jason Blair Witch Project, is shaken to the core, losing much of its credibility, printing not only innuendo but also lies, and it looks like the Washington Post won't be far behind them. It's one thing to be mistaken but it's quite another to push an unsubstantiated rumor that could end up harming maybe National Security. As I see itů. I'm H.G. Listiak.

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