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HGs Personal Experience With Road Rage

Tuesday 08/05/2003

Welcome to my world, where I regard road rage as one of the most stupid behaviors on the planet. I'm going to detail this item in hopes of it reaching the ears of a moron. Saturday morning at about 5:40 I'm west bound on Bell Road on my way to the golf course, where else? I pass a small, entry-level white truck, then move over to the right hand lane. About a mile later I'm slowing for a red light on 43rd Avenue, when this truck, almost sideways slides in front of me. Only a better braking system and defensive driving skills averted a bad accident. As I sat there wondering what the hell?? out pops the poster boy for white trash. Scraggly hair and beard, dirty clothes, missing teeth with the others yellow and rotting. He's ranting and raving, "You cut me off!" "I'll kick your ass!" " I'll shove that Cadillac up your butt!". On and on he went. I kept smiling. I could have handled this skin and bones idiot, no problem! But I kept smiling as this guy continued to beg for a beating or a bullet. Just when my patience was finally paper thin, he finally stormed off, ran a red light and left not knowing that only when I saw his hands were empty, I laid my 44 magnum back on the seat. I avoided road rage disaster by simply not playing his game, which is good advice should you be victimized by such a moron with too much unearned macho. What if he would have pulled this crap on another hot head or even worse a lady with kids in the car?? I have a message for this idiot besides take a bath. I have the license number of your cheap white truck. The next time you'll be in jail which when you're driving a thousand pound weapon endangering people, is where you belong, and I'll be happy to help you get there. As I see it. I'm H.G Listiak.

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