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What Bush Has Accomplished

Wednesday 07/30/2003

Welcome to my world, as the democratic presidential hopefuls, as expected, chip away trying to find scandal, no matter how small, in the Bush administration. We must understand that is normal, because they are coming out of a scandal wrought administration. So lets look past the petty politics at what G.W. has accomplished since 9-11. The whole face of Southwest Asia is changing. The people in Iraq, although having a hard time after 30 years, are free, with the only threat, small gangs of resistance with all the power of drive by gangs in the inner cities of America. The two-faced Saudis who pretty well hate our guts, don't need protection from Saddam anymore, so we are getting the hell out of there, leaving the Prince to toy with his own terrorists. I don't think we can trust Syria, but their big terrorist offices and headquarters have been boarded up and closed. In Afghanistan, the new free Government is starting to show progress, as the people start to believe they are free of the murdering Taliban, while Pakistan, once the home world of Taliban, has become a major U.S. backer in war against terrorism. Timid Jordan is becoming braver and even Yemen has dropped its hard line and is co-operating with the U.S. Kuwait is now secure, totally out from under Saddams shadow, while Lebanon's southern frontier is quiet for the first time in years. The cross border terrorist attacks into Israel have stopped as Hezbollah reviews it's situation. Iran, with toppled dictatorships to the East and West, sees the resistance to their Mullahs escalating at a rapid pace, and even the Israelis and Palestinians are doing more talking than shooting. Oh yes, the liberals exercising normal behavior will pick away at small pimples hoping they will fester into votes, and there will be set backs, but overall since 9-11 the picture in the Middle East is brighter and improving as I see itů..I'm H.G Listiak.

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