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Bad Reporting About Iraq War

Monday 07/28/2003

Welcome to my world, where every day the left wing media headlines another American soldier down in Iraq. They show pictures and print numbers that would make the American people think that suddenly we are the ones being shocked and awed. I'm shocked and awed by their sad reporting. This post war situation although tragic is not out of the ordinary when you look at what has been accomplished in a very short time. Our combat body count is still very low with accidents accounting for almost one third of the casualties. This should not be a political issue but it has become one, sad to say. The democratic presidential aspirants, in obvious disarray, continue to hammer and pound away at the post war Iraqi situation, seemingly using lost American lives as ways to discredit president Bush, using them as vote getting lures. They try to liken the situation to Vietnam and Somalia. Some of them who incidentally voted for the war are even saying that Saddam Hussein is still in control. These candidates to become Commander in Chief apparently haven't studied up much on war and the history of conflict. Either that or they are turning a deaf ear to it. In World War II it took years after the Japanese surrender to clean up the forces still loyal to the empire, from Japan and the Pacific Islands, all of it at the cost of American lives. In Nazi Germany, it took several years, actually seven total, to mop up the pockets of Nazi resistance and snipers taking out many American soldiers involved in the occupation. It was only after the Soviets told our military of the death of Adolph Hitler's personal command. But do these left wing politicians trying desperately to regain power even recognize this??? It doesn't seem like it, now does it? Their paultry political ambitions have blinded them to the reality of war. As i see itů i'm H.G. Listiak.

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