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 July 2003
    07/21/2003   Email from the Happy Hipped Hawaiian   (Category: Humor)  
    07/22/2003   Removing Historical Plaques   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    07/23/2003   Saddam Sons Killed   (Category: Iraq)  
    07/24/2003   Random thoughts - El Republico   (Category: Politics)  
    07/25/2003   DUI Of Cell Phones   (Category: Cell Phones)  
    07/28/2003   Bad Reporting About Iraq War   (Category: Iraq)  
    07/29/2003   Remembering Bob Hope   (Category: Misc)  
    07/30/2003   What Bush Has Accomplished   (Category: Politics)  
    07/31/2003   Tightening The Noose Around Saddam   (Category: Iraq)  

 August 2003
    08/01/2003   Vacation Spots for Fat Folks   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    08/04/2003   Gay Acceptance Polls and Pray for Pay   (Category: Diversity)  
    08/05/2003   HGs Personal Experience With Road Rage   (Category: Misc)  
    08/06/2003   Colin Powell to Quit in 05 Rumor   (Category: Politics)  
    08/07/2003   Immigrants Send Money Back To Mexico   (Category: Immigration)  
    08/08/2003   Random Thoughts - Politics and Pimps   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    08/11/2003   Japanese Toto Toilets   (Category: Humor)  
    08/12/2003   Phantom Faxster - Only In America   (Category: Humor)  
    08/13/2003   Visa and Mastercard in Iraq   (Category: Iraq)  
    08/14/2003   Janet Rafts While Arizona Burns   (Category: AZ Forest Fires)  
    08/15/2003   California Recall Circus   (Category: Politics)  
    08/19/2003   Our Insatiable Appetite for Energy   (Category: AZ 2003 Gas Crisis)  
    08/20/2003   Phoenix Childrens Hospital Fund Drive   (Category: Charity)  
    08/25/2003   Phoenix Childrens Hospital Fund Drive   (Category: Charity)  
    08/26/2003   Arizona Needs Refineries   (Category: AZ 2003 Gas Crisis)  
    08/27/2003   Second Anniversary of HGs World   (Category: Misc)  
    08/28/2003   Countries Providing Terrorists   (Category: Terrorism)  

 September 2003
    09/02/2003   Food For Thought - Email from Cynthia   (Category: Humor)  
    09/03/2003   Terrorists from Saudi Arabia in Iraq   (Category: Terrorism)  
    09/04/2003   The New English Language   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    09/05/2003   Random thoughts day - California Recall   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    09/08/2003   Arizona Needs Refineries   (Category: AZ 2003 Gas Crisis)  
    09/09/2003   Hillary to Block EPA Nomination   (Category: Politics)  
    09/11/2003   Two Year Anniversary of 9-11   (Category: 11-Sep)  
    09/12/2003   Democratic Presidential Debates   (Category: Politics)  
    09/15/2003   Random thoughts day - Barbie   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    09/16/2003   Yasser Arafat Has To Go   (Category: Terrorism)  
    09/17/2003   9th Circuit Court of Appeals   (Category: Politics)  
    09/18/2003   Ft Verde History Not Politically Correct   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    09/19/2003   Economy Could Be Recovering   (Category: Economy)  
    09/22/2003   Random Thoughts - Pimps and Politics   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    09/23/2003   No Stress Allowed In Denver   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    09/24/2003   Military Jets At Scottsdale Airport   (Category: Military)  
    09/25/2003   Bush Asks For Help From the UN   (Category: Iraq)  
    09/26/2003   Freedom Riders or Protect Arizona Now   (Category: Immigration)  
    09/29/2003   Good Job Governor Jan   (Category: Politics)  
    09/30/2003   Random Thoughts - Clark and Martha   (Category: Random Thoughts)  

 October 2003
    10/01/2003   Let Iraqi Oil Pay For Iraqi Freedom   (Category: Iraq)  
    10/02/2003   Shopping for the Guy who has Everything   (Category: Humor)  
    10/03/2003   Facts from the Phantom Faxster   (Category: Humor)  
    10/06/2003   LA Times Sling Mud at Arnold   (Category: Politics)  
    10/07/2003   Random Thoughts - Rush and Guns   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    10/08/2003   Arnold Wins in California   (Category: Politics)  
    10/09/2003   Saddam Was And Still Is A Threat   (Category: Iraq)  
    10/10/2003   Too Fat For The Funeral   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    10/11/2003   Built in Mexico - Bought in America   (Category: Economy)  
    10/14/2003   Email From Mark   (Category: Politics)  
    10/15/2003   Ghettopoly   (Category: Diversity)  
    10/16/2003   Politicians Misuse WMD Report   (Category: Iraq)  
    10/17/2003   Random Thoughts Immigrants and Kennedy   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    10/19/2003   Refinery in Mobile   (Category: Economy)  
    10/21/2003   What to do about Nathaniel   (Category: Terrorism)  
    10/22/2003   Tell The Truth About The Iraq Clean Up   (Category: Iraq)  
    10/23/2003   Stop Talking and Help Our Soldiers Now   (Category: Iraq)  
    10/24/2003   Waiting Makes My Blood Pressure Rise   (Category: Health)  
    10/25/2003   Frivolous Lawsuits   (Category: Economy)  
    10/28/2003   Email From Jeff About The War In Iraq   (Category: Iraq)  
    10/29/2003   You Might Be A Real Arizonan   (Category: Humor)  
    10/30/2003   Random Thoughts   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    10/31/2003   Tape of Fedayeen Torture in Iraq   (Category: Iraq)  

 November 2003
    11/03/2003   Zell Miller Book Criticizes Democrats   (Category: Politics)  
    11/04/2003   Israel Sends Illegals Back Home   (Category: Immigration)  
    11/05/2003   California Fires Force Senate To Wake Up   (Category: Politics)  
    11/06/2003   The Fox Visit Turns Coyote Ugly   (Category: Immigration)  
    11/07/2003   Zell Miller Review For Doubting Caller   (Category: Politics)  
    11/10/2003   Straight Eye For The Queer Guy   (Category: Humor)  
    11/11/2003   Veterans Day 2003   (Category: Veterans Day)  
    11/12/2003   Long Ago In A Land Called Arizona   (Category: Immigration)  
    11/13/2003   No Peace In Iraq Without Victory   (Category: Iraq)  
    11/14/2003   Flynt Porn Pictures Going Too Far   (Category: Iraq)  
    11/17/2003   Workplace Hazardous To Marriage   (Category: Humor)  
    11/18/2003   Democrats Five Point Plan   (Category: Politics)  
    11/19/2003   Be Careful Where You Click   (Category: Internet)  
    11/20/2003   What About Shoshana Johnson   (Category: Diversity)  
    11/21/2003   Why Do We Still Have Bases In Germany?   (Category: Military)  
    11/24/2003   So Much For Election Reform Laws   (Category: Politics)  
    11/25/2003   9th Circuit Court of Appeals At It Again   (Category: Politics)  
    11/26/2003   Thanksgiving Thoughts   (Category: Misc)  

 December 2003
    12/01/2003   Bush in Bagdad - Hillary at Bagram   (Category: Iraq)  
    12/02/2003   The Dark Side of the UN is at it Again   (Category: Iraq)  
    12/03/2003   Tucson Hospital Just Wants To Get Paid   (Category: Immigration)  
    12/04/2003   Election Day a No-winner For God   (Category: Politics)  
    12/05/2003   Its Mandatory   (Category: Business)  
    12/07/2003   Court Tries to Undermine Anti-Terror Law   (Category: Politics)  
    12/09/2003   Enforce Current Immigration Laws First   (Category: Immigration)  
    12/10/2003   A Marine Speaks Up About Post-war Iraq   (Category: Iraq)  
    12/11/2003   To Drink Or Not To Drink   (Category: Health)  
    12/12/2003   Looking Through My Email Bag   (Category: Email)  
    12/15/2003   Saddam Hussein Captured   (Category: Iraq)  
    12/16/2003   Saddam Capture - What it means   (Category: Iraq)  
    12/17/2003   Iraqis Want Quick Trial Quick Execution   (Category: Iraq)  
    12/18/2003   More on Saddam Capture   (Category: Iraq)  
    12/19/2003   Illegals in California Protest   (Category: Immigration)  
    12/22/2003   Are Your Genes Making You Drunk?   (Category: Health)  
    12/23/2003   Email about Sending Saddam to God   (Category: Iraq)  
    12/24/2003   Merry Christmas 2004   (Category: misc)  

 January 2004
    01/05/2004   Retailers ... Respect Sells!   (Category: Misc)  
    01/06/2004   Dean Tax Plan    (Category: Politics)  
    01/07/2004   Good News For Your Bad Habits   (Category: Health)  
    01/08/2004   Ghadafi Just Looking Out For Himself   (Category: Terrorism)  
    01/09/2004   Random Thoughts   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    01/12/2004   Bush Immigration Plan   (Category: Immigration)  
    01/13/2004   Who is Wesley Clark?   (Category: Politics)  
    01/14/2004   Does Saddam Deserve Humane Treatment?   (Category: Iraq)  
    01/15/2004   What are you Thinking Sheriff Joe?   (Category: Immigration)  
    01/16/2004   Email from Ronda   (Category: Politics)  
    01/20/2004   The Iowa Caucuses   (Category: Politics)  
    01/21/2004   2004 State of the Union Address   (Category: Politics)  
    01/22/2004   HG Has The Dieting Answer   (Category: Health)  
    01/23/2004   Be Careful Where You Express Yourself   (Category: Humor)  
    01/26/2004   Iraq is an American War - Not a Bush War   (Category: Iraq)  
    01/27/2004   A Few Random Thoughts   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    01/28/2004   Please No More Favors Mr. Fox   (Category: Mexico)  
    01/29/2004   The New Hamshire Primary   (Category: Politics)  
    01/30/2004   Thoughts on the Amber Alert   (Category: Misc)  

 February 2004
    02/02/2004   Clark Radio Interview Strikes a Nerve   (Category: Politics)  
    02/03/2004   You Might Not Be A Redneck   (Category: Humor)  
    02/04/2004   Polygamists Still Getting Off Too Easy   (Category: Religion)  
    02/05/2004   Be Careful What You Write In Spain   (Category: Misc)  
    02/06/2004   Liberal Colleges Going Too Far   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    02/09/2004   Random Thoughts   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    02/10/2004   More Black History Month Black Marks   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    02/11/2004   Who is Kerry - Warrior or Pacifist?   (Category: Politics)  
    02/12/2004   Witnessing Out Of Place On The Runway   (Category: Religion)  
    02/13/2004   Random Thoughts   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    02/16/2004   Presidents Day   (Category: Misc)  
    02/17/2004   Why not use the Iraqi oil?   (Category: Iraq)  
    02/18/2004   Politicians use tragedy as a weapon   (Category: Politics)  
    02/19/2004   Forbidden Words   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    02/20/2004   Checking on the Axis of Evil   (Category: Terrorism)  
    02/23/2004   Random Thoughts - Politics   (Category: Politics)  
    02/24/2004   Mother Goose Politically Corrected   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    02/25/2004   Bush Starts the GOP Juggernaut Early   (Category: Politics)  
    02/26/2004   Getting Nervous About Saddam   (Category: Iraq)  
    02/27/2004   Why is Vietnam War a Campaign Issue?    (Category: Politics)  

 March 2004
    03/01/2004   Spanish Radio Shock Jocks and the FCC   (Category: Political Correctness)  
    03/02/2004   National Guard Families Need Our Support   (Category: Iraq)  
    03/03/2004   Governor Jan for Vice President?   (Category: Politics)  
    03/04/2004   Media Not Portraying Truth About Iraq   (Category: Iraq)  
    03/05/2004   Random Thoughts - Politics   (Category: Politics)  
    03/08/2004   McDonalds Supersize Fries Gone   (Category: Law)  
    03/09/2004   Bush 9-11 Campaign Ads   (Category: Politics)  
    03/10/2004   Democracy Spreading Quickly   (Category: Politics)  
    03/11/2004   Jerry Colangelo   (Category: Misc)  
    03/12/2004   Bush 9-11 Campaign Ads   (Category: Politics)  
    03/15/2004   Anger Management   (Category: Health)  
    03/16/2004   U.N. Inspections in Iran    (Category: Terrorism)  
    03/17/2004   Terrorist Attack in Spain   (Category: Terrorism)  
    03/18/2004   Kerry Met With Foreign Leaders?   (Category: Politics)  
    03/19/2004   Dogs and Cats in Church   (Category: Religion)  
    03/22/2004   Spain Bombs Triggered by Cell Phones   (Category: Terrorism)  
    03/23/2004   Random Thoughts - Light Rail and Iraq   (Category: Random Thoughts)  
    03/24/2004   How To Encourage Terrorists   (Category: Terrorism)  
    03/25/2004   Misleading Headlines   (Category: Terrorism)  
    03/26/2004   9-11 Commission Hearings   (Category: Terrorism)  
    03/29/2004   Email From Tommy   (Category: Terrorism)  
    03/30/2004   Its Not My Fault - Its My Enzymes   (Category: Health)  
    03/31/2004   Random Thoughts - Politics   (Category: Politics)  

 April 2004
    04/01/2004   Emails from John and William   (Category: Misc)  
    04/02/2004   The Threat of Syria   (Category: Terrorism)  
    04/05/2004   Tough Guy Governor   (Category: Politics)  
    04/06/2004   Economy is Improving   (Category: Politics)  
    04/07/2004   Violence Led By Religous Leader   (Category: Iraq)  
    04/08/2004   Humane Wars Never End   (Category: Iraq)  
    04/09/2004   9-11 Commission   (Category: Terrorism)  
    04/12/2004   Mexican President Fox Threatens U.S.   (Category: Immigration)  
    04/13/2004   Ralph Nader Threatened by Democrats   (Category: Politics)  
    04/14/2004   Random Thoughts   (Category: Misc)  
    04/15/2004   President Press Conference   (Category: Iraq)  
    04/16/2004   Random Thoughts   (Category: Misc)  
    04/19/2004   New Research Spawns New Techniques   (Category: Misc)  
    04/20/2004   Bad Career Choices   (Category: Terrorism)  
    04/21/2004   No Commentary Today   (Category: Misc)  
    04/22/2004   Still down   (Category: Misc)  
    04/26/2004   Sgt Pat Tillman - An American Hero   (Category: Misc)  

H.G. never cared much for charity, but helping people out, now that's a different story. The Arizona National Guard Family Assistance Fund was one of his favorite ways to help out those who are helping us. In H.G.'s words 'My fellow Americans, this is not charity, it's troop support, as I see it ...'
To show your support send donations to:
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