H.G. Listiak - Limerick - Write Overs

H.G. is famous for his witty, tongue-twisting traffic report introductions, but he was also amazing at creating inventive, impromptu limericks. He could do it any time for any situation. Unfortunately, they were lost as soon as he said them. Except for one that I have in writing.

It came about because I like to do the Sunday crossword puzzle, and it turned out so did H.G. Well, to tell the truth I don't know that H.G. actually liked to do crossword puzzles, but he sure liked "helping" me. Now I like to do crosswords in a certain way, across and then down, in pen, which was not H.G.'s way at all. As we sat on the patio on Sundays he couldn't resist the urge to call out answers to any clue he could see at any time, frustrating my OCD to no end, while at the same, it seemed, causing him a great deal of joy. Now on many of these occasions, especially when writing down answers willy nilly and not in order, there would be what H.G. came to refer to as write overs, where you find out later that an answer was wrong and then have to write over the letters. One time in particular it seemed like the write overs just wouldn't end, and the result was the limerick shown below. I don't know what made me save it, but I am ever so glad I did.

Lady D

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