H.G. Listiak - Unrecorded commentary 04/28/2004

This is the commentary that should have been aired on 4/28/2004. It was never aired or recorded so it is available only in print.

Commentary Title: The Trouble With Activists
Date: 04/28/2004

Welcome to my world, where a couple of rising pillars in our latino community seem to be crumbling. You should know the story by now, the one involving the 40 year old woman, who identifies herself as a latina activist and a member of the Phoenix Police Department's advisory board for hispanic issues. She was caught at the Nogales border, over activisting her activism. They caught her trying to smuggle two young illegal aliens over the border in the trunk of her car, becoming little more than a coyote, breaking U.S. law. She was arrested and charged, copping a plea to receive one year's probation without jail time, or community service. A light slap on the hand, when you look at the 5 years in prison, and quarter million dollar fine, the price most coyotes must pay, if no one is dead. The boys had been deported earlier, and she went over the border to smuggle them back ... A heroine to illegal alien law breakers, but to me, she's simply a law breaker. But wait, wait, there is more. Now her live in boy friend is facing a probe. He's an Assistant Phoenix Police Chief. He's now being investigated to see what he knows about his live-in squeeze and her coyote behavior.

There are a lot of questions to be answered and I have even more. Was this an isolated act, or have these very noisey activists, who support illegals, been slipping a few more over the border? And what do the law abiding citizens in the hispanic community think of this kind of leadership? And what do all the citizens of Phoenix think about this kind of behavior in our police department?

Oh sure, we are stopping more and more illegals at the border, still too little, too late. And when these activists get involved, it only serves to encourage the illegals and complicate the problem. The problem I have with activists is that they always end up over acting, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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