H.G. Listiak - Unrecorded commentary 04/27/2004
This is the commentary that should have been aired on 4/27/2004. It was never aired or recorded so it is available only in print.

Commentary Title: Email bag - Some Thoughts From Listeners
Date: 04/27/2004

Welcome to my world, where I'll shake a few emails out of the sack today.
Dawn writes: I'm a single mother of three, with some college education. Like most people I've had my share of bad luck. I'm currently unemployed. I live in the United States of America, and every day I'm denied jobs because I'm not bilingual. I'm not sure what happened in Arizona, but I'm a native here, and might have to move out of state to be able to find a job. I feel I'm being treated unfairly due to illegal immigrants and foreign nationals, some of which refuse to learn English. Dawn, this has become a real problem, especially in the Southwest. The illegal alien mess started when none of our officials would notice, then it got totally out of hand when they started this P.C. sensitivity crap. As far as the language goes, you're right on target. The tongue we speak is English. Our Constitution is written in English. It has always been English. I have been fortunate to have travelled all over much of the world, all over Europe and Asia, I think the total is over 30 countries. In every case, I've had to have documents, and at least attempt to speak their language, just as a visitor. If I was looking for work it would be mandatory. Dawn, I'm sure there is a good Arizona American out there who will hire you, as I continue to look for the sign that reads "No habla. Adios amigo."

June writes: Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your commentaries. Finally someone in this state with some common sense and nerve to say what needs to be said. I moved to Glendale from Montana five years ago and miss the attitude like yours that I had grown up with. Keep up the good work. June, I plan to continue on in the same way. I always have. It's the only way I know. It's part of my western roots. Sometimes those roots rub my meaker media colleagues in the wrong way but as you know from your background, that really doesn't bother me very much.

And finally Denise writes: You're like a Liberal Paul Harvey. I enjoy your comments. Denise, thanks for mentioning me in the same sentence with the legendary Paul Harvey. I'm flattered. But Liberal? I'll have to check on that one, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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