H.G. Listiak - Commentary - Government
These are a few excerpts from a speech or commentary that H.G. may or may not have read on the air. The year is uncertain but the message is clear.

Title: Unknown
Date: Unknown

Throughout history man has been screaming 'Laissez Faire' or leave me alone, "I want to be free". Freedom has always been a large, raging, glaring, flame, burning deep in his breast. "Give me liberty or give me death" he shouts. Thousands of lines, and quotes have been left for us by men who wanted to be free. Take his freedom away and man becomes like an animal despite his brain and thumbs. When a man breaks the law, what happens? They take his freedom away. Freedom, "let me make this perfectly clear", is one of man's most basic, most precious, and unfortunately, one of his most walked-upon desires.
A government, when you get right down to basics, in a free society, is little more than a group of people, chosen by other people, to protect them from the wolves of the world, and I repeat, little more. It is not to make things cheaper, it is not to mold men's minds, and it is not for the purpose of exploiting it's people.
The United States of America is not, really, a free country anymore. We are fast becoming a socialistic, or since the two seem to go so well, hand in hand, a fascist state. This is frightening, as socialism has never ... will never ... and can never work. Mainly because it goes against the very nature of a rational thinking, freedom loving, logical, liberty minded man.
I am not a politician. I am not a Democrat, or a Republican, nor am I right or left, or Liberal or Conservative. I am a man. So, I want to be free. Laissez Faire. Leave me alone. Alone to make my own mistakes, and achieve my own goals. Protect me government, and I will fight for you, and pay you with a smile on my face. But quit oppressing me, quit conning me, and quit pumping me full of false lies and phony sunshine. Laissez Faire

Leave Me Alone
H.G. Listiak

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